slurpee luv


tshirt – primark, skirt – asos, bag – nastygal, necklace – new look, sandals – pulp

Today, we went for a walk in 30 degree heat to visit the local 7/11 to get a slurpee (something I’ve been extremely excited for since we arrived). We went for mango zilched (1% fat apparently – yeah right). Anyway, this is what I wore. I can’t describe how happy I am to not have to wear jeans or jumpers or tights, although I did have a total disaster with a pair of flatform trainers yesterday which resulted in huge blisters on both heels in the middle of a shopping centre which meant I had to buy the sandals I’m wearing above. Buying new shoes is not necessarily a bad thing but could certainly have been avoided if I had just worn socks…

Having been here for three days, I have been desperately trying to find some fashion to write about for the blog and for the job I was offered writing for Raw Ink, an online magazine based in Brisbane and around the Gold & Sunshine Coasts. Thus far, the “fashion” on offer leaves a lot to be desired. I am trying to be optimistic and putting this down to the fact that I have only really seen the delightful outfit choices of the clientele at the Chermside Mall and I am holding onto the hope that the CBD and surrounding areas have better to offer me, watch this space (and wish me luck!)