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shirt - ebay, shorts - so old i don't remember?, bag - nastygal

shirt – ebay, shorts – so old i don’t remember?, bag – nastygal

I would apologise for the lack of posts but then it just wouldn’t be me if I posted as regularly as I originally intend to, would it? Anyway, on Friday the 18th, we all took a trip into Brisbane central to go and watch some cricket. Yes, really. I had my first full blown cricketing experience and above is what I wore for the occasion. My dad seemed somewhat distressed that I hadn’t really ‘dressed for it’, i.e. wearing a lot of green and gold which, as I came to learn, is definitely the Australian way for this sort of thing. That was all put right though, with the addition of a green and gold sombrero during the game (no pictures of that because this is, after all, supposed to be a fashion blog and green and gold novelty sombreros are certainly not chic~ although they are hilarious).

Once we got into Brisbane, we went to a bar on the Southbank to warm up for the game – I understand that warming up is important in sports but I’m not sure that this was quite the same…


Once at the cricket, I sat bored and uncomfortable with absolutely no idea what was going on for the first 45 minutes before I decided that what I was really missing was alcohol. So, I drank beer. I never drink beer, ever, but when in Rome blah blah blah. I actually quite enjoyed it and found (with the help of my new friend XXXX Gold) that I also quite enjoyed cricket. However, the lady that you can see in front of me in the picture above kept brushing her ponytail over my knee which, just like a gold and green sombrero, is definitely not chic.

See, there was some actual cricket involved.