feminine & masculine

f&mFrancisco Rodriguez started his shoe line, Feminine & Masculine, in 2008 after honing the art of shoe-making in Barcelona. The brand’s profile has been steadily increasing ever since, with Feminine & Masculine shoes gracing the feet of blogger extraordinaire Susie Bubble and in editorials for Italian Vogue. It is easy to see the attraction. (Well, for me it is because I have a ridiculous amount of love for Rodriguez’s designs.)

The brand’s spring/summer 2013 collection is, pretty much, shoe perfection. Classic styles like oxfords and demure court shoes are given a tough, sporty edge with clever slivers of bright orange and mesh detailing. While Rodriguez prefers not to be dictated to by seasonal trends, the collection fits right in with a lot of the major trends for the upcoming summer season, and, what’s more, a lot of the styles will take you right through to winter, then next summer, then the winter after that. What I’m trying to say here is that these shoes will be ones that you cherish forever.

Chunky straps and thick heels  hint to the masculinity in the brand’s name, while retaining a femininity that keeps the brand accessible to those of us who may be scared off by having shoes that scream ‘FASHION’ too loudly. It is this juxtaposition that obviously gives the brand it’s name, but this, coupled with Rodriguez’s insane attention to detail and passion for using different leathers, skins and finishes that make the brand so desirable, interesting and, most of all, refreshingly unique.

Images from Feminine & Masculine.