cool stuff: pugs in clothes edition

After posting a pug as dungaree inspiration, I keep thinking that maybe pugs are an untapped source of outfit ideas, you know, for when street style blogs become totally passé. So I have compiled a brief pictorial list of stylish pugs in case anyone has hit a severe sartorial wall and doesn’t know where to go next…

Channel your inner Dorothy like this gingham-clad pug.

enhanced-buzz-12008-1360345446-5 Mint green quilting is a style statement that is not made often enough.

Doesn’t this remind you of the House of Holland Resort 2012 collection?

90s throwback camo and ironic gold jewelry. Is there a better combination?

enhanced-buzz-20123-1360345738-12Unleash your rebellious side with studded leather. Very Gaga X Vintage Versace…

It’s okay to be a girly girl too. Polka dots and hair bows will never go out of style…

But, maybe some 70s style argyle is more your thing.

All images from buzzfeed.