chloe sevigny x opening ceremony

cs x ocSneak Peek- Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony F-W 2013-001

Chloe Sevigny has unveiled her Autumn/Winter 13 collection, the latest in her ongoing collaboration with ever-hip Opening Ceremony.

The collection is inspired, according to Sevigny by “the inhibition of youth, the follies and fashion of teenagers” and had a strong focus on 60s protest culture – an inspiration which has been translated into the playful A-line silhouette running throughout the collection, as well as cute gingham prints and monochrome stripes. Street-casted models held placards during the presentation, while musicians like Kim Gordon gave the event an injection of riot-grrrl angst in keeping with the protest spirit at the heart of the pieces.

A lot of the collection has kind of a charity shop vibe to it, which I actually really like. As well as the obvious 60s influence, there were some reference to 90s fashion as well – the era that Chloe and her innate sense of style rose to fame. The most clear 90s reference was the inclusion of a Vision Street Wear tracksuit (above). Chloe has previously featured the skate brand in her 2012 resort collection, but I do feel like the Vision thing is kind of out of place with the rest of the collection. I welcome it though, ‘cos, let’s face it, who doesn’t want a two-piece Vision tracksuit to appear randomly on everyone’s runways?

Photos from, Ceremony.