nostalgic for layers

Recently, I’ve been feeling nostalgic for cold weather. Well, no, not really. What I really miss is the ability to wear layers without sweating like a hideous mess (recent example: layers + a job interview = unspeakable terror). Sun and warmth are all well and good, but 30 degree heat doesn’t give you a lot of flexibility sartorially, when you are used to temperatures that hover around 0 most of the time, and occasionally peak at 16 degrees on a “balmy summer’s day”. My choices are limited to shorts and a t-shirt, shorts (or maybe a skirt) and a crop top, shorts and a vest, there are a couple of dress options, and dungarees from time to time. I know it’s stupid, but I really miss wearing a shirt under a jumper under a jacket with a pair of real shoes (i.e. not sandals) and jeans.

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