my bad

Top - Dragonberry, Shorts - DIY, Headband - Primark

Top – Dragonberry, Shorts – DIY, Headband – Primark

Jeans - Missguided, Tshirt - Ebay

Jeans – Missguided, Tshirt – Ebay

Dress - Parisian Sweets

Dress – Parisian Sweets, Mouse Ring – Asos

So it’s been about a month or something since I last posted. This is after promising that I will be posting more. I am a terrible blogger, my bad. My job search has been in overdrive and it has been basically hideous, but here’s a little update of some stuff that I’ve been wearing (because I have no updates on ‘what I’ve been up to’ because I haven’t really been ‘up to’ anything).

I bought the top in the first picture from Dragonberry because I had an interview for one of the stores, I wasn’t successful (obviously) but it’s fine because the shirt is still really good. I also bought a jumper from Dragonberry at the same time but haven’t really had an opportunity to wear it, the weather is still pretty warm. It only really gets cold at night, which is annoying.

The second picture is demonstrating my new jeans purchase from Missguided. I’m stoked because they deliver for free to Australia and the clothes are pretty much ridiculously cheap and buying clothes here is so expensive it hurts me. Anyway, these jeans were described as ‘high waisted skinnys’ but when they finally arrived and I tried them on I was disappointed to find that they aren’t, in fact, skinny jeans at all. They are more of a straight leg cut so they look like Mum Jeans. I can deal with it, but I wasn’t actually in the market for Mum Jeans at all, so now I feel like I’ve been forced to jump on the trend bandwagon without actually having any desire to do so previously…

In the third picture, I’m wearing a vintage Pucci dress that I picked up from Parisian Sweets, a vintage shop in Plymouth, before I left. I am almost certain that this dress is definitely the best thing that I own and it’s even better because I got it at a criminally cheap price because it has a small stain on the back. I wore it to an interview at a vintage shop in Paddington (I wasn’t successful there, either) and I wore it again in the same week to an event I covered for Raw Ink magazine.

Yeah, so, that’s what I’ve been doing/wearing. Follow me on instagram for more terrible, blurry selfies, and I promise I will post more from now on!