Bjørg jewellery


Norwegian jewellery designer Bjørg Nordli-Mathise’s eponymous line is conceptual and raw, with two collections released each year. It’s pricey but it’s always nice to look, right?

In a recent interview for Hunger TV’s “Heavy Metal” series, the designer said “The story-telling aspect of jewellery is probably my biggest obsession. I’m always looking to find a theme that can lead people’s thoughts in a certain direction without giving too many answers, but rather asking questions and awakening curiousity. A piece of jewellery will always be linked to the setting in which it was received, whether it is a gift from a loved one, linked to ritualistic ceremony or something you spoilt yourself with, and this aspect of the giver and the associations the person who ultimately wears it has when wearing it really intrigues me. They are the ones who are answering the questions raised by pieces and each interpretation will be different.”

Bjørg’s most recent collection is available to purchase here.