Cape Sleeve Dress – Zara, Detachable Cat Collar – Etsy, Navajo Cropped Jacket – Etsy, 60s Shift Dress – Etsy, Panther Shoes – SoleStruck, Embroidered Sweatshirt – Zara, Pointed Heels – ASOS, Cat Watch – ASOS, Dollar Sweatshirt – LocalHeroes

Some stuff that I have got my eye on right now. Vaguely cat themed – since I got a kitten I am obsessed with cat stuff. I can really understand now how people get so insane about their cats. I am also enjoying 60s inspired dresses at the minute, I just feel like a simple 60s silhouette is a nice antidote to all the 90s inspired stuff that’s around at the minute. To begin with I fully embraced the 90s revival but I can no longer hide that I am bored to death with it. How long must it last?