Cool Stuff: Seinfeld Edition

I’m sick. Paddy has had some heinous incarnation of the flu and now I have it. Although, I actually think he was maybe possessed by a demon of some description because Wednesday night he fell asleep on me and started sweating, an unholy amount of sweat, then stopped after about 10 minutes and almost immediately I felt terrible. Obviously, the demon had drained all it could from Paddy and choose me as it’s new host. Maybe I’m delusional. One thing is for sure though, I’m not writing any in depth think pieces right now.

Instead, I’m browsing NYFW stuff and looking at Seinfeld-related stuff to add to my collection. Seinfeld is, obviously, iconic. The greatest show on earth. Seinfeld unites people – on December 23rd last  year, I went to work wearing a George Costanza tee, and on my bus home a kid no older than maybe 16/17 was wearing a heinous tie-dye creation with George’s face on it and we shared a knowing smile with each other. I never smile at people, let alone strange children on buses, but in this moment, Seinfeld brought us together. For those you who are wondering about the significance of December 23rd, it’s Festivus – I don’t mean to be rude but please educate yourselves.

It’s hardly worth mentioning but if you hadn’t noticed Seinfeld has also become something of a fashion movement in itself. Normcore is Jerry Seinfeld. (I’m not sure that normcore is still a thing, or ever was really a thing but whatever).

Anyway, here’s my round-up of the best Seinfeld related stuff that money can buy you…

(This shop actually has so much good stuff I could fill a whole list with their products. The “Summer of George” tee is perfect, and there are tote bags too!)