Golden Girls

Now that “Fashion Month” is drawing to a close, with Paris Fashion Week finishing up today, I feel like it’s probably time to do the fashion blogger thing and highlight some trends that I’ve noticed – the good, the bad and the utterly impractical. I have spent (wasted?) hours over the last month trawling for show photos and reports, so it makes sense to do something with it, right?

So, there’s been a lot of gold. Gold belts, gold chains, gold hoops – gold details abound for spring/summer 2016. I actually really loved the boxy little bags at Chloé with the gold hoops, clips and chains – a bit of a clutch-bag-but-not-a-clutch-bag situation. I have always had a love/hate relationship with the clutch. I would love to be a clutch bag person, but they always just feel awkward in my hand, no matter the size or shape so I feel like the hoop handle would actually be super comfortable and easy to hold.

Is accessorizing shoes a thing now? Calvin Klein says yes, based on the gold chain detail on their minimalist take on sneakers. I’m pretty much too lazy to accessorise my actual clothes (for a fashion blogger I’m actually very poor at dressing myself) so I’m loathe to add another thing to my “list of things I should wear/do with my clothes” but I thought the shoes were cool. It’s an unexpected detail and I’m down with it. The pool slides at Burberry were also decorated with chunky gold chains so gold-detailed shoes are definitely set to be a thing.

Another unexpected detail was the eyelet/hoop thing happening at Anthony Vaccarello. That with the tattoo-style prints gave a “rock chick” (ugh) vibe that contrasted with the crisp, white shirts – an obviously classic wardrobe staple that we think of as chic and/or professional and not particularly edgy.

Add the crazy-big gold neckbrace style necklaces at Junya Wanatabe, Balmain’s chunky belt clasps, Dolce & Gabbana’s embellished phone cases and the fancy-pants fingerless gloves at Gucci, gold is set to be the accessory of spring/summer 2016. Most of the gold on display throughout the shows eschewed traditional jewellery in favour of something fresher and more interesting. So forget the usual “statement” necklaces, bracelets and earrings and embrace the unexpected.