swim fan

The weather in Brisbane is literally perfect right now. Like, imagine the absolute best blue-sky-beautiful-sun day you can and multiply it by 10 and you still wouldn’t be close to describing how good this weather is. Couple this weather with a public holiday on Monday and you have perfect beach conditions. Now, since I didn’t actually go to the beach today and instead chose to stay home and blog/sleep (mostly sleep, I won’t lie) and am now craving sandy toes and sunburn, I thought I’d put together a little round up of the best beachwear you can get (on a budget), for all my readers who, unlike me, actually have lives…

The Two-Piece

The Swimsuit 

The Cover-Up

So, go forth – shop! And while you’re at it check out this piece I wrote for Dextress Hair Salon about keeping your hair healthy at the seaside (yes I’m going through a bit of a beach-fixation right now).