Valentine’s Day

I wanted to do a little Valentine’s Day post because I came across the lovely lingerie from Adore Me, and it seemed appropriate. I feel like my Valentine’s plans really aren’t exciting enough to warrant a post all to themselves, though.

“So, what are your plans?” I hear you ask. Well, in a word… nothing. I have no plans – no girls’ night plans, no romantic plans with my boyfriend. Nothing. And what I’m wearing will be even less exciting – probably an old pair of pyjama shorts, that have long since had the crotch chewed or been otherwise destroyed by the dog and a pyjama singlet that reads “I’m Really Good At Taking Naps”. Not necessarily the image that the words “fashion blogger” conjure up for most people. I am, however, really good at taking naps.

In the six years that Paddy and I have been together I think we have done one Valentine’s Day dinner and the other five have been spent like pretty much any other day. It’s not that either of us are “against” Valentine’s in that cynical “it’s a made up holiday/corporate greed/blah blah blah” way, we just never made it a thing like some couples do.

We also have never really “celebrated” our anniversary. The closest we get is one or both of us remembering a couple of days too late and congratulating each other, followed by laughing about how we both suck. Sometimes we order pizza. Sometimes we don’t. But mostly we do – that’s our anniversary tradition, more or less.

It sounds extremely cliché but what I’ve learnt from being in a long term relationship is that it really is important to celebrate the little things he does for me every day. Since I don’t drive, he’s often responsible for going to the supermarket to pick up dinner, or stock up on diet cokes to feed my addiction. He always brings me treats of the ice cream/chocolate/savoury goods kind and he always knows what to say to encourage me if I’m staring a deadline in the face with a zero word count. He lets me take the fan to bed if he’s staying up late and he gets on with my parents.

I feel like these are our Valentine’s moments, and I’m lucky that they happen every day. Although, having seen Adore Me’s lingerie we might just be inspired to do something other than watch Netflix this February 14th.

I’m interested to know if you guys have any weird/non-traditional “traditions” with your partners, or your friends. Let me know in the comments!