Gareth Pugh A/W ’16

I legit feel like this is the sexiest collection in, like, the last five years. What’s wrong with me? (Also I have a strong feeling that capes are going to be the new… Continue reading

Valentine’s Day

I wanted to do a little Valentine’s Day post because I came across the lovely lingerie from Adore Me, and it seemed appropriate. I feel like my Valentine’s plans really aren’t exciting enough to… Continue reading

This Is Very Important

Beyoncé is love, Beyoncé is life. That’s all.

I’m still alive

Hello! It recently dawned on me that it has been a super long time since I really posted anything here, so I thought I’d just do a brief update for those of you… Continue reading

Untitled #15

Untitled #15 by georgiabey featuring Venessa Arizaga Venessa Arizaga hair Gold hair accessory18 AUD – Topshop hair accessory13 AUD – Clean Triangle Hair Clip – Urban Outfitters190 AUD – Designsix | Designsix Exclusive Green Stone… Continue reading

Collective Envy

Hi! I’ve been a bit quiet recently (I’d apologise but I’m trying to exercise a “quality vs quantity” approach and don’t want to force myself to post crap for the sake of saying… Continue reading

swim fan

The weather in Brisbane is literally perfect right now. Like, imagine the absolute best blue-sky-beautiful-sun day you can and multiply it by 10 and you still wouldn’t be close to describing how good… Continue reading

Golden Girls

Now that “Fashion Month” is drawing to a close, with Paris Fashion Week finishing up today, I feel like it’s probably time to do the fashion blogger thing and highlight some trends that… Continue reading

freshly pressed

So, I got “Freshly Pressed”, which was a very cool thing. I’m not sure its really a thing that matters hugely in the real world but I get the impression it’s a pretty big… Continue reading

Cool Stuff: Seinfeld Edition

I’m sick. Paddy has had some heinous incarnation of the flu and now I have it. Although, I actually think he was maybe possessed by a demon of some description because Wednesday night… Continue reading